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Meat Canapes Selection

GDM1 foie gras mousse, green apple jelly, gingerbread
GDM2 spicy chicken bites on pastry shells and spring onions
GDM3 beef Wellington with chicken liver parfait and mushroom on French bread
GDM4 grilled fillet mignon with roasted pepper Pesto crostini
GDM5 chicken caesar bruschetta
GDM6 chicken and mushroom vol au vent
GDM7 pastrami and gherkin, mustard cream on crostini
GDM8 mini chicken skewers with tomato onions and pepper
GDM9 chicken liver parfait vol au vent
GDM10 poached chicken Waldorf in wholemeal bread

*We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to produce our fresh Canape and other products.

For orders of 1,000 and over Canape products the Company requires a minimum of 4 days notice.

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