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Seafood Canapes Selection

GDS1 smoked salmon mousse in charcoal cone with caviar
GDS2 smoked salmon macrons
GDS3 avocado and salmon rolls on cracker with caviar
GDS4 smoked salmon mousse on vol au vent with chives
GDS5 vegetables smoked salmon rolls
GDS6 smoked salmon mousse tartlet
GDS7 crispy smoked Salmon tenderloin, with cauliflower Panna cotta
GDS8 octopus on 77 c on Glazed potato
GDS9 garlic prawns on roasted Butternut Squash
GDS10 green asparagus in cream and spicy prawns
GDS11 tuna mousseline in white bread
GDS12 crab salad tartlet with Asian herb dressing
GDS13 spicy tuna and avocado tartlet Japanese style
GDS14 open King prawns with spicy mayo on tartelet
GDS15 dill crepes roll with smoked salmon and soft cheese

*We require a minimum of 72 hours notice to produce our fresh Canape and other products.

For orders of 1,000 and over Canape products the Company requires a minimum of 4 days notice.

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